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Our line-up will take you from acoustic tavern folk to dark, epic metal!


Led by the talented musician Andy Marshall, Saor masterfully blends the intensity of melodic atmospheric black metal with the rich influences of Scottish/Celtic folk. The band’s name, meaning “free” in Scottish Gaelic, reflects their dedication to artistic freedom and limitless musical exploration.

Saor transports its listeners to ancient realms, celebrating the natural beauty of Scotland through compositions that merge the grandeur of black metal with the delicacy of folk melodies. Each track is an invitation to explore the majestic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, to feel the haunted mist of the lochs, and to marvel at the ancient mountains and forests.

Saor’s live performances are transcendent experiences, offering shows where the past and present converge to celebrate Scottish heritage and its timeless connection to nature. Join Saor on this captivating musical journey and let yourself be carried away by the very essence of Scotland.


Morgarten, the organizer of this event, will perform on stage Friday night with a double live show!

Morgarten is a Swiss black epic/folk metal band that invites you to follow their tales and legends inspired by Swiss history.

During the concerts, the audience is invited to discover their stories through a brutal and atmospheric show. When the heaviness of war subsides, a folk and lively melody soothes the spectator’s heart.

Morgarten’s music has been shaking stages since 2005. The release of their latest album, “Cry of the Lost,” has allowed them to conquer new countries in Europe and to play with bands such as Finntroll, Heidevolk, Finsterforst, Wind Rose, and Black Messiah.

For this edition, Morgarten will present an exclusive acoustic live show. To the sound of flutes, bagpipes, and acoustic guitars, you will be immersed in an intimate atmosphere revisiting the tracks of “Cry of the Lost” in their purest form, before returning later in the evening with their metal set.


Belore is an Epic Black Metal project hailing from France, that set its foot in the vein of bands such as Summoning, Caladan Brood, Saor and Moonsorrow.

The music takes its place in a medieval fantasy universe created by the band from scratch, where nature and imaginary landscapes will take you out.

With 3 full-lengths released through the german label Northern Silence Productions, Belore is now internationally known also thanks to the collaboration with the european booking agency In Fiction Entertainment, that led the band to quickly play live in festivals and venues throughout the continent.

Toter Fisch

Discover Toter Fisch, the Pirate Metal band formed in 2013 by Romain Nobileau, Rémy Robinot, and Jérémy Bayon, joined in 2014 by David Lemoine and Pierre Dri. Their unique music blends Death Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal, and Symphonic Metal, with rich orchestrations and pirate influences, enhanced by the accordion and captivating stage performances.

From their first EP “Blood, Rum And Piracy” in 2015 to their latest album “Aspidochelone” in 2023, Toter Fisch tells fictional pirate adventures mixed with historical and mythological facts. With notable performances at renowned festivals, embark with Toter Fisch on an unforgettable musical odyssey!

The Olt Salt Company

 It was in 2021, in an old tavern in Ropraz, that Captain Joe the Grey and his first mate, McSeagull, began recruiting crew members to form the most fantastic pirate company on the shores of Lake Bret. The Old Salt Company Inspired by traditional Irish melodies, sea songs and pirate folklore, the crew, now composed of seven valiant pirates, is ready to make you sail on the waves of its melodies, in the scent of rum and hot sand under the colors of the Jolly Roger, the time of a few chords and a few drinks.